Louis Pasteur and Dole


Louis Pasteur was born in Dole on December 27th 1822. He did not stay there long as his parents left for Arbois in 1825. His birth place was bought by the city council in 1911 thanks to John D. Rockefeller's financial help, then listed as a historical monument and ultimately turned into a museum.

Portrait of Louis Pasteur by A. Edelfelt (1895)

The Tanners' canal and Pasteur's birthplace

Pasteur's statue (Antonin Carles) erected
in 1902 thanks to a public subscription...

...in a public garden (Cours Saint- Mauris).

"One of France's greatest misfortunes is the presence of so many politicians in our assemblies. Political life with its boring and daily discussions seems to be our life guide. How vain this vision is! What leads us consists in some scientific discoveries and what they can be applied to. In our times, science is the mother of prosperity and the spring of progress".

(Louis Pasteur in Le Journal du Jura, 1876)

As a genuine Burgundian let me bestow my greatest consideration to this scientist who claims that :

"Wine is the most wholesome and the healthiest of all drinks"

Which reminds us what Benjamin Franklin used to say:

"In wine there is wisdom,

in beer there is freedom,

in water there is bacteria".

What cause wasn't this great scientist made to suit to !!!

Poor Pasteur : the price paid for glory !
(An early 20th century add).

Pasteur's monument in Paris.

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