The fine arts museum

Located since 1980 in the Officers Lodge (built by A L Attiret in the 18th century) after its first location in the Jesuits School since the beginning of the 19th century, the Fine Arts Museum holds an important ancient stock. The museum has also been housing the FRAC (Regional Stock of Contemporary Art) for 19 years. It is at present in the hands of the Region Council at Besançon.



Two aspects of Machard's spirit (mannerist and academic) at Dole's museum.
Jules Machard (1839 - 1900) was born in Sampans (near Dole) and became Grand Prix de Rome for painting in 1865 with Orpheus in Hell :

The museum holds of course an important lot of local artists' works among whom we may quote Auguste Pointelin (1839-1933) whose favourite subject was the Jura landscape painted with different techniques and Jean Hézard who used to teach fine arts at the Arc highschool at the beginning of the 20th century

A. Pointelin : landscape (charcoal) private col.

A. Pointelin : landscape (oil) private col.

J. Hézard : landscape (oil). Private col.