An important building scheme launchd on the left bank of the Doubs river in 2004 under mayor (1983-2008) G. Barbier's leadership,
is about to be completed. It consists, after pulling down a former crafstmen and industrial area, in erecting a multipurpose hall,
the "Commanderie" (inaugurated in late 2006 for an estimated cost of 10 000 000 euros),
building a foot-bridge located near the Norman bridge joinning the district of Azans to the city centre over the Doubs river,
completing a public garden and a park lot, creating a new road-circus down the "Bedugue" way.
At the same time, the railway the " Président's track", so-called as it was built
in order to enable President Jules Grévy to go to his private residence at Mont-sous- Vaudrey
is no longer in use. The scheme.of a great European cyclo-track Nantes-Budapest
might in part follow its track.
This plan once completed will give this ara a totally new urban aspect.

Design : Gilles Reichard and Gilles Ferreux
Estimated cost : 1 280 000 €

Design : Brigitte Metra
Estimated cost : 10 000 000 €

Design : Alain Spielmann
who has already designed the "Pont de la Corniche" at Dole in 1994.
Estimated cost : 1 310 000 €

For pedestrians and cyclists only.
The span will be 328 ft high and 77 yd long.

The "Cornice" bridge :

A. Spielmann arch. A 500m-long bridge over the river Doubs and the Rhine/Rhône canal.


Louis XV bridge over the Doubs river.


The "Commanderie" hall under construction
(Brigitte Metra Nov 2004)

New framing techniques have been used
when building this hall, so that pannels 12m high
of self-setting concrete can be worked out at once

The "Commanderie" refers to the near-by main house of the order of the Knights of the Holy-Spirit
founded in Montpellier in 1175. As time passed the building was turned into a charity institution curing the poor.
The only remains consist in the rose of the former chapel of the hospital recently discovered and admirably restored
by the present owner in 1990.

The "Commanderie" hall (January 2005)

The "Commanderie" (April 2005).

Outside decoration test : natural or artificial stones ?

The first elements of the steel structural framework are being set (May 2005)

Lifting and setting the 64-ton main metal structure built by the Jura firm Ravoyard (25/05/05)

The iron framework is nearly completed...

and the building has been freed of its support (16/06/05)

La Commanderie (28/06/05)

The "Commanderie" in late July 2005.

Setting the stone decoration (August 2005).

The "Commanderie" hall can be adapted to different issues thanks to movable walls.
300 to 1300 spectators will be accomodated according to the circumstances
and up to 3500 for exhibitions and sport events.

The stage can be totally hidden for sport events or shows.
(Photo Le Progrès© Feb 2006).
Shaping the iron grid that will support the green ornamentation (May 2006).

Working artificial stones (nov.2005) by blasting concrete over a hand-shaped iron grid.

A glimpse of the collegiate church

The "President's" railway no longer leads anywhere.
It might be used for a future European cyclo-track.

.The "Ecorces" mill has just been bought by a Dole "chef"
who wishes to transform it into a tourism compound.

The new road-circus under construction

An arch of the Norman bridge (12th C),
starting point of the new foot-bridge
The foot-bridge
(Alain Spielmann)

Setting the first element of the foot-way.
The foot-bridge in March 2005.

Both banks of the Doubs river are now linked by the foot-bridge (18/05/2005)

Setting the iron framework

The suspension wires are now set (08/06/05)

The foot bridge just before it was inaugurated (02/07/05)

We can notice the double suspension system

The foot-bridge is now in use (09/07/05)

An arch of the Norman bridge near the foot bridge

A wreck in low water near the foot bridge

The Doubs river near the "Moiulin des Ecorces"

The Froissard mansion at Azans.

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