The Hôtel Dieu at Dole was built in quite a short lapse of time from 1617 till 1686, which gives it a perfect architectural harmony after Jean Boyvin's scheme and drafts largely inspired by the Lombard Renaissance
To be more particularly seen : the long gallery with a stone balustrade and an elegant watch tower, the inner cloister with a finely decorated well and helicoidal staircase leading to the upper level, the chapel with its typically neo classical design and decoration by Attiret

The Hôtel-Dieu and the Ladies from Ounans convent (Ch. Nodier highschool).

Watch tower and gallery

Neo-classical decoration in the chapel (Attiret workshop).
This chapel was located so as to enable the patients in
two great halls to attend mass.

the helicoidal staircase leading to the upper gallery.

The steps get easier and easier to climb up.

The galleries of the cloister

Allegorical medallion of a chimney piece carved in marble.

The swan symbolizing love and charity.

The pharmacy

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