Starting from Chevigny toward Frasne and Montmirey you will discover other local curiosities : stone crosses.
43 of them have been numbered in the Serre area and around it.
(The arm tips of these crosses are shaped like a goose foot : hence their name in French)
Have they been placed here and there to signal the presence of former pagan sites ?
Did they mark the limits of communal pastures ?
Are they of Celtic origin ? Nobody knows for sure and they are still a mystery.


Recent research in ancient documents actually reveal some important dates :

1630 : The "plague-stricken cross" near Orchamps
1872 : The "Mignoulot cross" in Vriange
1666 : The cross with a pedestal in Vriange.

Important historical texts mention the presence of these crosses : for instance the "Franchise Charta" which was granted to the inhabitants of Montmirey by Jeanne, Countess of Burgundy on December 20th 1323.


The cross at Brans

All the crosses are carved in Arkose, the granite stone which constitutes the Serre hill mass
and many of them were removed in the past centuries. They are monolithic and are 1,50 foot up to 7,50 feet tall.
They have become the source of many legends which can suit everybody's curiosity and imagination.

The same legends hold that this area is also the "Lost Country".


The Dode cross at Gredisans

The Boyon cross in the Serre area
well-known by ramblers.

The cross at Offlanges.

They deserve to be seen because they may give the visitor the opportunity of discovering
a fine countryside with many peaceful pastoral views.


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